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Joakim - Jocke - StorJocke - Big Jocke are my names. Most people call me Jocke. I'm a Swedish bodybuilder, entertainer & model. I'm inspired by the looks of bodybuilders from the 80's and 90's, when stringer tank tops, spandex and lycra gear, tight fitting and minimal covering clothes, including underwear and swimwear, was a natural part of a muscle man's appearance, to enhance ALL the features of the muscular male body! This is what I call the Alpha male attitude: A natural behaviour that some men have, which makes them wanna build huge muscles and then aggressively show it off! This behaviour isn't sexual. What drives us is not sex but to live out the true masculine ideals that men and women have (but that most men don't dare to live out)! Alpha behaviour is not limited to men of a certain sexuality only (straight or gay). Neither is it limited to men of a certain sexual position only (top or bottom). What defines an Alpha is his efforts to build big muscles and his natural fervor to show it to the world! With this blog I want to inspire my fellow Alpha men and I want to entertain those men who worship Alpha muscle studs. Last, but not least, I wanna help people get in shape and reach their sexy potential.

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