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Vintage Gay Media History

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Good 'old smut! Welcome, as we trace our history through mass media. For gays, pornography is one of our few long-standing cultural forms to identify and create a community within.

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Skilled4Men, Jul 20 2011 7:36

Vintage Gay Media History is exceptional! Steve is a True Visionary -and provides us all with an informative, entertaining, and well-documented account of Gay Media both past and present. As an adult gay male, I appreciate his perspectives and am inspired by his passion! Don't miss his blog!!!

Mel, Sep 26 2010 6:16

Funny how it took me so long to catch the VGMH blog, very informative. Liked the parts on David Ashfield, trying to locate some of the earlier work, most are discontinued

Adamn, Sep 11 2010 10:18

Lots of blogs have pics (easy) but this one also has lots of written stories and research (hard). Steve does an excellent job and it's the best gay history I've ever had...better than a class I took in school even.

Nike Studio city, Jul 30 2010 11:01

Steve takes the time to respond to his readers comments. His blog is entertaining and fun. <br /><br />Mike and Glenn

Marc, Jan 6 2010 11:23

As someone that writes bio and tributes related to gay porn stars, performers and models 1970-2000, it is always good to come across links associated, and congratulate this site for the information and pictures that keep the memories of those dead or alive very much in focus for the huge contribution they made to the adult industry during the &quot;Golden Days&quot; when men had pubes and had a nore natural and gritty appeal than many of today (although there are always those that pass and are superf (such as Roman Ragazzi, Steve Cruz and Collin O&#039;Neal).<br />Great stuff!<br />Marc

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