We're Twins and Yes We're Gay gay blog listed on 15 Apr 2011

We're Twins and Yes We're Gay

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We're Twins and Yes We're Gay

Thank you for visiting our blog. To begin, Let us introduce ourselves… We are identical twin brothers born only 5 minutes apart. And yes we are gay. We are passionate about art (and almost anything related to art) we love being creative. Whether it’s painting, photography, 3D animation, music, virtually anything that involves the artistic process. The only problem we have is verbally expressing to others, what exactly it is that is in our heads. On this site we will be posting things that we are interested in, and passionate about., for example: movies, games, computer stuff, 3D animation, special FX, photography, painting, our struggles, muscle men, health and fitness, and many more. We are really into working out and want to get a body like Jason Statham in the movie "Death Race"). The only problem is that to eat healthy, get a gym membership, and buy supplements costs a lot of money. Money that we don't have... So we are doing our best with what we have. Please check out the other sections on this site to see some of our work and feel free to leave a comment or to contact us. Thank you.


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