The Versatile Husband gay blog listed on 19 Nov 2012

The Versatile Husband

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The Versatile Husband

Written by Peter Benn, author of the book THE VERSATILE HUSBAND (a how-to guide for married men who like to play gay). This blog shares his weekly experiences with husbands who like to have sex with men, (or who are considering what it would be like to do so). It's about putting the loneliness of the sexless marital bed behind you, and enjoying masculine friendships and good man-to-man sex. This blog opens up these possibilities, ideas and issues for discussion. It's about what it feels like to take a man the first time, how to play safe, humorous sexual experiences, coping with guilt and everything else about man sex from kissing to rimming, from hygiene to orgies, anal sex to slings. Come visit today.

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