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My Horny World

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My Horny World

Try and get your head around my sexuality, think about it this way: I am no different to you. I want sex. I seek sex. I need and feel rejuvenated by sex. The only difference is that the object of my sexual pleasure, my "partner" with whom I get my rocks off, is me. I consider solosex (a much better term than wanking, although wanking is what I do) the height of sex and the most fulfilling. So sex for me requires no one else. Just like anyone who has a sexual partner, I want to satisfy myself as much as or more than I think I need it. And so I solosex myself everyday. Several times a day if possible. And never just a quickie. I spend hours a day erect and solosexing. After years of self-identifying as a solosexual, being in a sexual relationship with myself, I do not just wank or jerk off, I make love to myself. The sex gets better all the time. I'm happy and fulfilled. Proudly solosexual.

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