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Simply Gay & Naked

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Listed: 31 Dec 2018
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Name: Simply Gay & Naked


Description: My name is Theon, I love life, sex and nudity - I am a nudist. I am always naked at the beach and I hike naked whenever I can My dad is German and my mom Greek descent, this is how I got to be called Theon. I picked the last name Nord as a tribute to my German dad, "Norden" means North in German, I shortened it a bit and came up with Nord You are invited to watch my videos and other photos here, hopefully you will like both I have a lot of passion in me, I do everything that I like with great passion. This not only refers to sex but to anything that I do, be it programming or cooking I am a 100% bottom and enjoy sensual sex sessions with gentle long anal action. I am very passionate, of course during sex, but in general about everything. I am also vegan I only eat plant food and it feels great I am quite a professional when it comes to photography. I don't make a living out of it because there is more money in being a software Eng. But I have a large collection of photos taken by me or professional photographers I have a special passion to the naked male body and a lot of my photos are centered around this subject I have all of my work featured on Flickr Pnoto Stream: Profile Page: For actual nudity you will need to open a Flickr account (it's free) and mark that you wish to see adult content Enjoy, and you are welcome to comment or send me a message here or there if you like my work or you just want to talk Peace & Love to everyone Theon

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