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Athens Gay Travel Guide

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Athens Gay Travel Guide

Travelling in Athens is an experience itself.... A city with an impressive history,thousands years old. Its identity monuments like Acropolis monuments to the oldest christian churches and the Neoclassical buildings of Modern History,its unique climate,(275 days a year sunshine ,4 seasons,dry climate,really low humidity) but furthermore its own style and character makes Athens city a unique city ,similar to no other city of Europe,on its architectular style and the way of life..(modern typical residential buildings,24 hours entertainment,clean sea water beaches,70 kilometres beach coaasts,impresive mountains circle the city) ....but??????? What about the homosexual tourism???? Did anybody know that Athens city has a whole area suggested for gays??? Did anybody know that has more than 100 places (gyms,cafes,bas,clubs,restaurants) among the best in the city ,which are gay friendly?? Maybe not,and this why i make this blog,to inform the "boys" and "girls" for the impressive gay scene of the greek capital!! On the following posts i will let you know about where,when,how about any aspect of the gay scene of Athens. Welcome to the capital of the impresive naked statues,symbol of the beauty of the human body,in Athens you will find a wide selection than can enjoy any gay,single or with his/her parthner. I wish to enjoy my blog,and use it like a usefull tool for a satisfied Athenian trip!!!!!!

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