Str8 Thug Master uses gay pig slave gay blog listed on 30 Dec 2011

Str8 Thug Master uses gay pig slave

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Str8 Thug Master uses gay pig slave owner/director/performer Str8ThugMaster grew up on the city streets and spent time in and out of prison. “It was a low time of my life, on the run for a crime I didn’t commit,” he says. “I survived by winning cash in rap freestyle contests. The more famous I became as a rapper, the more the law would catch up with me. I had to get the money for a good lawyer, or my ass was going back to prison.” Str8ThugMaster then met pig slave, a submissive with the computer skills that would lead to the amateur porn studio. For 25 years, pig slave had been making Straight Thug Gay 4 Pay videos, selling homemade VHS videos in the back of magazines. With pig slave’s money-making video skills and Str8ThugMaster’s sexual charisma, a porn studio was a natural progression. Str8ThugMaster found that gay men wanted to fuck him just as much as women did. “For the next two years, I criss-crossed the country taking pig slave with me,” Str8ThugMaster says. “Making custom videos humiliating and using him to pay for my hotel. I couldn’t put myself out there on the amateur sites yet, or pursue my rap career, as it would make it too easy for the law to find me. I laid low, and built my customer base one at a time, making whatever fetish videos they wanted. I saved up $10,000, got a lawyer and he cleared my name. It was time to post my videos on the amateur sites. I quickly rose to the top, becoming one of the best selling, most watched, highest rated gay amateurs in history. All this, and I was straight!” The logical next step for this entrepreneurial talent was to start his own video production company,, specializing in custom fetish videos focused on a straight thug using a gay pig for amusement. Currently, has over 35 of its videos on demand at AEBN. With new models on the way this summer, you can expect a lot more from this increasingly popular amateur thug studio. “Watch for our new series Reel Requests” Str8ThugMaster says. “You get to see the most interesting, extreme, nasty, and unique requests as they happen! Whether it’s when I was on the streets, or when I have the #1 Rap album, your business is appreciated!”

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