Muscoda! A State of the Mind! gay blog listed on 5 Jan 2012

Muscoda! A State of the Mind!

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Muscoda! A State of the Mind!

This is a blog written from the perspective of Randy Roberts, a young man, living in a small town in a fictional state in the 1950's. After Randy's mother died, he had the task of clearing out his childhood home. While doing so, He discovered seventeen notebooks, each one filled with the day by day accounts of his adolescent life. They were hidden in an old suitcase at the back of his bedroom closet, apparently right where he had left them upon his departure to attend college. He had never returned to live in that house for any length of time, yet his room still remained as it was the day he left. He thought his mother held onto the notion that he would return home someday and would still need the things his room contained. She had died suddenly, following his father into eternal rest by five years, so he didn't get a chance to ask her the reasons for keeping his things. The fictional Randy Roberts' life is based up the author's high school years growing up in the Midwest.

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