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New and recently listed gay, queer, bisexual or male blogs - updated weekly with the best gay blogs!

  • Nudist Beach Boys1
  • Male-erotika.com2
  • Dudes In Fetish Play3
  • Dudes I'd Tap4
  • Vergas en Todo su Esplendor5
  • Gay Cartoon Cumshots6
  • Gay Asian Porn7
  • Dick 24X78
  • Bultos de Hombres9
  • Vintage Old Reliable10
  • Trashslave3211
  • Stocky Gay12
  • Paquetes y Bultos bien Marcados13
  • O Gay Amador (The Amateur Gay)14
  • Hot Sexy Boys15
  • Gay Fisting16

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Popular gay blogs with naked men, queer gossip, male models, fashion and gay pornography.

  • raannt1
  • AGB-Style2
  • So Para Ativos3
  • ManWatch4
  • The Male Form of Today5
  • Eric Raspaut6
  • Garibaldi Gay7
  • Gay Body Blog8
  • masculinus: a celebration of the male form9
  • Porn For Patric11
  • TyRain12

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The hottest gay blogs with everything from beautiful men, homo culture to hardcore gay porn, based on your votes!

  • Gaydemon's Blog1
  • The Ministry Of Pleasure2
  • Homotrophy3
  • Gay Body Blog4
  • Dick Slips5
  • Thebananablog.com6
  • Gay Bondage Fiction7
  • The Beefmaster8
  • Men du jour blog9
  • Naked Amateur Guys10
  • WickedGayBlog.com11

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