Penis Communication Repair - Why Fix It? gay blog listed on 6 Apr 2016

Penis Communication Repair - Why Fix It?

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Penis Communication Repair - Why Fix It?

Remember Woody Allen's joke: masturbation "is sex with someone you love". Are you content with loving yourself alone? Why Fix Itâ„¢, then! Ponder the alternative while exploring our male imageries! This purposeful male blog is for men in lust and love who LOOK outside the average reference BOOK for sexual stimulation, gear, and fixing their erotic writing skills to lure men into action. The source for improved sexual well-being, s-cking and f-cking, too, and it's FREE. The best way to gain more flesh-slapping experiences with another man! Twink Bottoms, Silver Daddies/Sons, Bi-married Tops, or Bears/Cubs, it's more about how to USE IT! Using penis communication builds your sexual confidence. Confidence is your most important sex toy with a man!

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